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How To Take Care Of Our Pets During The Winter?

How To Take Care Of Our Pets During The Winter?

Not only humans suffer in winter - animals too. The winds disturb them, the lightning scares them and the darkness that falls early puts the dogs and cats depressed, even if they are unable to put it into words. Should animals be helped to cope with winter at all, or should they be allowed to cope on their own? For us the answer is clear.

Any of our help for the pet is welcome and helpful. How can we help our friends on all fours? First, it is important to keep their living space warm and dry. If they live in a kennel, or on a balcony, you should bring them home in extreme weather, or alternatively make sure that the living environment is dry, warm and impervious to rain and wind. Urban dogs and cats have difficulty surviving in extreme cold conditions, and they can develop respiratory diseases and even pneumonia.


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Therefore, before going for a walk, one should get the dog used to the cold gradually, wrap it in a sweater and not tell it on cold days. When hiking, make sure your dog do not drink puddles, which are usually contaminated. An animal that lives outside the house needs more energy to maintain its body temperature, so it is recommended to provide it with a larger amount of food. Avoid leaving an oven on near pets, as it can harm them just as much as small children.

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Thunder and lightning can put the dog or cat under pressure. In this case it is advisable to consult veterinarians and trainers. You may be able to resolve the issue through training, and you may be able to take sedatives. Pay attention to any unusual behavior of the dog or cat. If they tremble excessively they may be suffering from weakness, fluid loss or arthritis. Street cats are not accustomed to many days of cold, so they tend to look for places to warm up. One of the popular places for them are car engines.

Therefore, before each trip you should knock on the hood. The winter might last long and damage it can cause our pets may stay with them until the summer. It is therefore important to keep their living environment warm, wrap them in warmth and love and consult veterinarians as soon as they detect abnormal behavior.

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