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5 Cool Pet Accessories

5 Cool Pet Accessories

Whether you are getting a new pet, or you want find accessories that would fit more for your pet, you should look at these cool new pet accessories trendies.


Heart Shaped Pet Rhinestone Collar:

cat collar  dog collar

This rhinestone collar is cute, fashionable and durable at the same time.  The shiny stones will compliment your pet’s presence wherever you will walk with him.

It fits for every occasion and is one of the most fashionable accessories for pets these days.

This beautiful collar fits both dogs & cats.

Make your pet the model of the neighborhood with this gorgeous shiny rhinestone collar.

Ready to show off? 😊

Heart Shaped Pet Rhinestone Collar


Pet GPS Tracker:

dog gps tracker

So helpful, so useful for every pet owner. If your pet is very energetic and tend to run and jump a lo, until sometimes you can’t find him- this product is the perfect one for you.

This small smart GPS pet tracker is one of the biggest breakthroughs in pet accessories technology. It allows you to track your pet’s location and monitor his activity with an app on your iPhone.

The GPS tracker can be attached to your pet’s collar and includes great functionality: anti-lost alarm, two-way search, remote self-timer, positioning the last lost position.

So, the next time you go out with your pet- make sure you have the Pet GPS Tracker with you!

Pet GPS Tracker


Portable Pet Plastic Water Bottle:

dog water bottle

Another perfectly useful product for your pet is this foldable water bottle.

This water bottle is very light, made of durable plastic.

Wherever you go with your pet, if is it a family trip, or any long traveling- this water bottle can provide your pet clean drinking eater whenever he needs it.

The pet plastic bottle is very convenient, easy to carry, fits every carrier for your pet.

Portable Pet Plastic Water Bottle

Can be part of a special traveling kit for your pet with a carrier and a bottle.

You can get this traveling kit on our special pet traveling kit page 


Pet Umbrella & Leash:

 dog umbrella leash

One of the cutest accessories we have seen so far.

This is an ultra-durable and weatherproof accessory with a brilliant feature of umbrella and leash together.

It has a 360℃ Rotatable Stick: The swivel stick allows you to adjust the shielding angle according to the pet size so that your pet will be under all-round protection.

Perfect product for small & medium size dogs & cats to use on a rainy day.

This is a lightweight product which can be reserved for every season usage.

Cute, lightweight, convenient- perfect, feels like singing in the rain 😊

 Pet Umbrella & Leash


Pet Carrier Backpack:

dog backpackpet backpack

The backpack carrier is a great way to carry your pet, while keeping him secure.

Pet owners buy carrier backpacks from several reasons. See if one of these reasons seems to describe your own beloved pet:

  • Taking your dog hiking: not all pets, or most likely, not all dogs can bear an active lifestyle of their owners. If you’re often having outdoor activities, your dog may not feel comfortable with that activity. Therefore, putting your dog in this carrier, makes it super easy to take him with you, without any stress for your dog.
  • Even indoors this carrier is great: if your pet constantly demands your attention while being at home and doesn’t let you work or doing stuff at home- this pet backpack carrier is a great solution for you: you can still spend time with your beloved pet and still being able to move and do stuff at home.
  • Imagine you set to meet a friend at a coffee shop, or you need to go to the supermarket, but you’re not allowed to have your pet inside. What should you do in that case? Wearing this backpack with your pet inside it and not letting him running around- makes it more welcoming in these kind of crowded places.

Not to mention that Its sporty design will easily fit into your everyday style. Also, this backpack is equipped with a side pocket for storage or to carry treats or small toys.

Comfortable, efficient, perfect for indoors & outdoors activities and has an impressive look.

Cozy and fun for you and your pet.

Pet Carrier Backpack

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