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Why There Is An Easter Bunny?

Why There Is An Easter Bunny?

There is something interesting about Easter- it always goes hand-in-hand with the Easter bunny. Children fill their baskets with chocolate bunnies. Similar to Santa Claus and Christmas, there is no direct connection to Christianity. So why then the bunny has become the symbol of Easter? What are origins of Easter combined with the Easter bunny?

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One hypothesis of the Easter bunny's inceptions is that it originated from early pagan festivals around the vernal equinox. Pagans commended the springtime reestablishment of life just as the goddess of sunrise and fruitfulness, Eostre, who was regularly addressed by the rabbit or an egg. As Christianity spread all through Europe, the festivals vernal around the equinox may have converged with the recognition of Christ's restoration, since the two of them happened around a similar time. Missionaries were mixing pagan traditions with Christian holidays as part of the progress, therefore, it is conceivable that the festivals of Eostre and the restoration of Christ got one.

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The earliest evidence of a modern Easter bunny dates back to the 1600s. The Easter bunny was mentioned in German writings. This bunny, called "Oschter Haws" or Easter hare, was believed to lay a nest of colorful eggs for children who were good.

 original easter bunny


Moreover, the legendary rabbit egg-laying is said to have been brought to America by German immigrants in the 1700s. This tradition spread throughout the U.S. in Easter celebrations, where the hare's gifts eventually became chocolates and candies, and the nests were replaced by baskets.

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Egg laying- why a bunny then and not…chicken?

This question comes up, if we’re laying eggs- wouldn’t it be more natural to have an Easter chicken? As mentioned above, the bunny and the egg were mixed with the spring holiday because of their pagan roots representing fertility and rebirth. Probably, these two images merged into the egg-laying bunny of German folklore.


easter egger heneaster egger hen

According to history, as part of Easter traditions, the eggs are an eminent Easter image that have come to represent Christ’s emergence from the tomb and resurrection.

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Why decorating the eggs?

Another possible reason for decorating the eggs is due to the joy on Easter morning once the fasting was finished.

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In conclusion, the Easter bunny will continue to bring us enjoyment every Easter. Whether it was pagan or Christian associated, the cute Easter bunny makes the children and the family excited, makes it a happy easter Sunday and it’s definitely a great image of the holiday.

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Happy Easter to all-happy, healthy and safe Easter!

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